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Liquid Shio KOJI : magic liquid seasoning
LIQUID SHIO KOJI is the salt malted rice changed a figure from granular to liquid by the original manufacturing method of Hanamaruki. The salt malted rice "brings out the flavor of the raw ingredients" by a function of ...Read more

Fried Natto of Forza Inc. that is popular as the in-flight snacks
Traditional Since it doesn't have stickiness and a smell peculiar, you can have nourishment of natto(fermented soybeans) in the closed space of airplane. Surprisingly, many people who doesn’t care for natto likes “Fried ...Read more

Gorobe soysauce
GOROBE Soy Sauce
Itsukaichi, the town of soy sauce
Kondo brewing Co., Ltd. , that has made soy sauce for a century is located at the entrance of the Akigawa Valley on Itsukaichikaido St.. ...Read more

100% Natural DASHI Cocktail
Just sprinkle it to any meal, enjoy the natural complex Dashi soup stock flavor
1) 100% natural shaving powder of 6 ingredients; Flying fish, Kombu, Shiitake mushroom, Bonito, Sardine, Mackerel and Mackerel scad. ...Read more

Twice-rice-bran-fermented daikon radish pickles
Traditional taste of using matured rice-bran paste
From December through January, when the chill becomes severe, is the season of making dried daikon radish. Cleanly washed whole daikon radish  ...Read more

Miso extract squeezed from miso
Miso extract is very precious seasoning that approximately only 40kg of it comes out from 180kg of miso(bean paste). All umami taste of miso ...Read more

Sparkling SAKE "JOHN"
In "Aikawa, Tosa-cho, Tosa-gun."
Reihoku area of Kochi pref., rice cultivation has been continued on terraced rice fields on the slope of mountains for a long period of times. It is ...Read more

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The legend of "JAPAN" : Hidehiranuri of the golden country
The legend of Urushi -Japanese lacquer-:Hidehiranuri of the golden country Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki-city, Iwate pref.  The Hiraizumi culture which had built by Oshu Fujiwara clan in last years of era Heian had lasted for  ... Read more

“SHIO KATSUO” Salted and dried skipjack tuna
Tago in Nishi-Izu is producing area of “Tago bushi” which is one of the three major dried bonito in Japan. It is famous for viewing the best sunset now, it was a fishing village known as a best catch of skipjack tuna in Japan before. There is ... Read more

“MAGODOSA” ,the pure canola oil pressed from 100% domestic growth
The action of handing safe and healthy food down to posterity.
The food oil we usually have is pressed with a solvent to raise an extraction rate. There is no health damage caused by that oil because the  ... Read more

Daikon Yagura : seasonal tradition of Tano town in Miyazaki
What do you think this photo is?
This is a scenery of making the dried radish which Miyazaki pref. is proud of. We called this tower which is made by bamboo “YAGURA” . The ... Read more

“NAGOMI SHIZUKA” The sesame products of Shizuoka
Born in Shizuoka ,and grown in Shizuoka.
The sesame was cultivated widely in the garden of countryside or the farmhouse in the past. However, it is difficult for sesame cultivation to mechanize and takes a lot of labor, it has been gradually on the ... Read more

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