The barley tea of caffeine-free, gluten-free and low in calories

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The healthy herbal tea which has been loved by Japanese people since the Heian period

十二ケ月の内 六月 門ト涼 渓斎英泉画(国立国会図書館蔵)

Do you know a barley tea?


Many people would think about green tea when talking about Japanese soft drink. It is of course true, though, we have another national drink. It is MUGI-CHA, the barley tea.


It was popular among the aristocracy in the Heian period which is 1200 years ago, military commanders also loved it. Once the barley tea stand started to sell it in the Edo Period, it had spread out to common people.

The barley crops in early summer, people feel it roasting the barley in best season is most delicious. This is the reason that the barley tea is treated as a summer drink.


The barley contains calcium and vitamin B complex, it prevents the beriberi called "the Edo worry", which had tormented the people in the Edo period. It also avoids feeling languid. This is another reason that is very adequate for summer drinking.

The nourishment and the health benefit of barley tea, which is suitable all year around

Healthy and Beauty

The barley tea contains many effective nourishments for our health and beauty.

For example, the aroma come out from roasting barley soften the stress, make us calm. Furthermore, it is efficient to prevent high blood pressure or the arteriosclerosis.

The GABA controls the nervous excitement and activates parasympathetic nerve. In addition, a barley extract is effective for the prevention of the stress gastric ulcer, dull stomachache and prevent the gastric ulcer.

Water-soluble dietary fiber relieves the bowel movement and improves the intestinal environment (Intestinal Flora). The function of preventing bacteria colonization inhibits the membrane formation of Mutans Streptococcus. 


Since the barley tea doesn’t contain caffeine unlike green tea and coffee, even a pregnant woman or small children before going to bed drink it without any worry.

As mentioned above, it is very reasonable suggestion to drink barley tea all year around to take in nourishment that makes our health and beauty.

In addition, this is a drink of gulten-free and low in calories.

The tradition is kept protecting as well as updating


There is a well-established barley tea production and sales company for over 100 years at Edogawa-ku, Tokyo where is Prefectural border with Chiba.

The closer we get to the factory, the nice and deep barley roasting aroma becomes stronger. We feel the smell brings us back to our childhood.




A craftsman manages the same stone kiln since they first started the business with his senses.

It needs more time to roast because the old and traditional stone kiln doesn’t have high heat efficiency.

That is why the barley greatly bulges and leaves sweetness and taste after roasting. The craftsman aims at "the same taste and flavor from the old times."



This is the Japanese barley tea that is used rare domestic six-row barley and continued protecting a traditional manufacturing method consistently.

The mass production innovated in Showa period made barley tea more easy and convenient for everyone. On the other hand, the nice and deep aroma of roasted barley, the clear and refreshing aftertaste, and the natural sweetness is disappearing.

The latest barley tea is “TSUBUKO” that has very authentic taste and suits to our modern lifestyle. This is both available for extracted by water and hot water. Boiling it in a kettle is not necessary, using a teapot is an easy alternative to make it.



Since the barley powder that causes harsh taste is removed, the nice and refreshing taste and transparency remains as well as sufficient flavor keeps at last drop.

Enjoy “TSUBUKO” that is the crown of craftsman's labors with your teapot as a cool refreshment in summer and hot treat in winter.

Detailed information

Company name:

OGAWA SANGYO Co., LTD.(Japanese web site)


Six-rowed barley ( Ibaraki pref. or Tochigi pref.)

Net Weight:

100g (10g x 10packs)

Duration of quality retention:

A year

Preservation method:

At a room temperature ,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Allergy notation:



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