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Liquid Shio KOJI is Gluten-Free Magic Seasoning

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Almighty fermented Umami seasoning without chemical condiments!

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LIQUID SHIO KOJI is the salt malted rice changed a figure from granular to liquid by the original manufacturing method of Hanamaruki. The salt malted rice "brings out the flavor of the raw ingredients" by a function of malted rice. By becoming a liquid, you use it widely from the preliminary seasoning of meat and fish to the seasonings for stews and stir-fries.

LIQUID SHIO KOJI is not heated during the manufacturing process of original technique by Hanamaruki, so the enzymes of malted rice work efficiently, these bring out the flavor of the raw ingredients and make the texture softer.

The suggestion of using is marinating meat and fish before broil them, add to soups, stews and stir-fries. Substitution for salt, soy sauce and sweet sake makes various meals.


LIQUID SHIO KOJI is the “fermented Umami seasoning (taste enhancer)” which is convenient to determine the taste, an essential for every home. Since chemical condiments is not added, it is good for health.

For overseas, "LIQUID SHIO KOJI" got gluten-free certification of GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization) on August 23, 2017.  


How to use.


Shio-koji Beef Burgers

Bolognese Shio-koji

Shio-koji American Scrambled Eggs

Detailed information

Company name:


Malted rice, Salt, Alchol

Net Weight:


Duration of quality retention:


Preservation method:

At a room temperature ,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Allergy notation:




Popular Italian restaurants with original menu arranged home cooking in Tuscany region



fluffy, springy, Liquid Shio KOJI crepe!

For a limited time

Eki Shio Bento

Fried chicken thoroughly soaked in

Liquid Shio KOJI


LIquid Shio KOJI official web site

Hanamaruki is the only company that makes SHIO KOJI in the liquid form.


LIquid Shio KOJI line up

You can get Liquid Shio KOJI at the supermarket nationwide

Experience or Factory tour

13. March 2019

It's a special project that actually experiences the fermented seasoning "Liquid Shio KOJI".


15. March 2019

It's a special project that actually experiences the fermented seasoning "Liquid Shio KOJI".

Please let us know, if you have infomation.

If you know any place for experience these, please give some photos and comments to us.

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