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Jujube, the fruit of health

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Power of NATSUME

Three Jujubes a day keeps you young

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Do you know the fruit called the jujube? It is a different species from dates, also called Chinese date which is the reddish brown fruit of a deciduous tree, cultivated in Japan, too. It has been eaten in the Hida district traditionally, but it isn’t so popular in other places in Japan.


It is rather famous as ingredients of Chinese medicine and medicinal herb cuisine. They say “Three Jujubes a day keeps doctors away” in China, used for an anti aging from the old times.


The dried Jujube is used for Samgyetang of Korean cuisine.

Natural beauty supplement for women


There is also a lot the pantothenic acid, which is called vitamins B5 in the vitamin B complex. The pantothenic acid has a role to help the composition of the adrenal cortical hormone and raises stress tolerance.


The iron is approximately 1.5 times of the prune. The folic acid is a kind of the water-soluble vitamins, which is called the vitamins of the hematopoiesis, raises absorption of zinc and the iron content to be required to make a strong red blood cell. It is indispensable for a woman of pregnancy or having an anemic.


In addition, vitamin P which improves blood circulation, saponin and the dietary fiber, which make a bowel movement better is rich compared to other dried fruits It is one of the super food which attracts our attention now.

Pure "jujube extract" of Shinshu Tateshina


The jujube tree is very slow-growing, and it is said that is not growing big 100 years later. This "jujube extract" is using the Jujube harvested without pesticide on company farms and contracted forms of Shinshu Tateshina from thirty years ago, and heat slowly and abstract an essence from jujube.


A raw fruit has slightly bitterness and nothing more, but once heated, the taste is condensed and available for long preservation.


Dried fruit is also a good way to eat, but am extract is easy and delicious alternative to keep your health and beauty. It is fantastic to use as a secret ingredient of cakes and meals.

Detailed information

Company name:


jujube Seed

Net Weight:

120g, 260g

Duration of quality retention:

a year

Preservation method:

At a room temperature ,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Allergy notation:



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