The extra fine DASHI soup stock tasting at home

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The enthusiasm of maker for local ingredients


Kanazawa city is located by two and a half hours by Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo.


Kanazawa city is in Ishikawa prefecture, which faces to the Sea of Japan, very popular for tourists for many hot-spring resorts, Wajima that are famous for lacquerware, Kenroku-en Garden that is the three outstanding gardens in Japan.


There is a company that produces DASHI of extra quality which is particular about local ingredients.


The name of the product “GOKUJO JIWAMON DASHI” represents their policy, GOKUJO means extra quality and JIWAMON means local ingredients in the dialects around the Kanazawa city.

DASHI is an indispensable umami for WASHOKU, but the custom to take a DASHI at home is not so common now. That company makes an easy as well as traditional DASHI to taste at home. They try to use local ingredients of high quality as much as possible, blend with Kombu (edible kelp) and Kezuribushi (shaved fermented skipjack tuna) which is the base of DASHI, salt and soy sauce, which emphasizes the taste, and Ishiru (local fish sauce) and local brewed Sake as a secret ingredient.

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local brewed Sake

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Soy Sauce

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Kombu & Kezuribushi

The authentic DASHI that artisan carefully blend


This is a truly authentic DASHI that the artisan makes use of their sharpened sense to feel the ingredients and climate every time. They are particular about quality rather than productive efficiency, promoting taste slowly and slowly in the era of mass production.


Many processed foods in Japan are sterilized before the shipment to prevent the quality degradation due to various bacteria on the shelf of the store or each house. But the sterilization sacrifices the taste and flavor at the same time. Taste and quality control must not be compared, but due to the industrially sterilization process, the food is heated beyond necessity the flavor is changed from as it is.


The industrially sterilization will also eliminate the efforts and preferences of artisan to make the real DASHI.

Limited production and sterilization spending time and effort


The additive-free products do not keep for long without sterilization, so the company decides to heat sterilization manually with limited production. Decreasing the production is a very hard decision for the company normally, but they choose to deliver the flavor of ingredients as it is, which is brought out by the techniques of artisan.


Only a hundred bottles a week. It may be a little bit difficult for tourists to purchase, the joys will be bigger when you find it in luck. Reservation is available, the best way if your itinerary is already decided. Savor the real DASHI that is the base of WASHOKU easily at your home!

Detailed information

Company name:


Soy sauce, Edible kelp, Sardine, Mackerel, Skipjack tuna, Shiitake Mushroom, Sake, Raw sugar, Natural salt, Fermented fish sauce

Net Weight:

500ml (3.5 times concentrate)

Duration of quality retention:

6 months

Preservation method:

At a room temperature ,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. After opening please store in the refrigerator, please use as soon as possible.

Allergy notation:

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Please let us know, if you have infomation.

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