GOROBE Soysauce

Rich in Umami 30% higher than our other products

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GOROBE Soysauce

Itsukaichi, the town of soy sauce

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Kondo brewing Co., Ltd. , that has made soy sauce for a century is located at the entrance of the Akigawa Valley on Itsukaichikaido St.. It seems to be suitable for a soy sauce brewing here, thanks to rich nature such as clear stream Akigawa, foot of a mountain of Tama that is full of green, clear air and good water.


The Kikkogo soy sauce of whole grain of soybeans is made by the climate which this nature and craftsman weave. We have continued making soy sauce with unique body and an elegant aroma. Adopting a new sense while having a high regard for old traditions, we are pioneer of making the additive-free soy sauce in this industry.


The carefully selected soybeans and the wheat as a malt are soaked in natural salt water. It takes a long time to be fermented and matured by blessings of nature.


A clear color, rich aroma, and the deep flavor is truly Japanese taste. We keep the skill of soy sauce brewing for generations and a good point of handmade, we make it one by one with our whole heart. It is soy sauce of nice and simple flavor cultivated by a tradition, of course without any preservatives and food colorings.


Gorobe soy sauce is made from domestic soybeans and wheat, brewed and matured for one year in Honjozo style (the traditional Japanese brewing process, enzymes naturally break down soybean proteins), rich in Umami 30% higher than our other products. Please enjoy it with sashimi or tofu. The name 'Gorobe' derives from the names of our founder.

GOROBE Soy Sauce

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Gorobe Ofiice & Factory

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Gorobe Ofiice & Factory

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Presser of soysauce

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Kikkogo Soysauce

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GOROBE Soysauce

Detailed information

Company name:


Soybean, Wheat, Salt

Net Weight:

1L, 360ml

Duration of quality retention:


Preservation method:

At a refrigerator after opening, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Allergy notation:

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Kikkogo Soysauce Direct store

GOROBE is fermented and aged over a year in nature's blessings using soybean and wheat.

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