Clear Golden Amazake

Rice koji Amazake compressed into a fully liquid form with clear and golden color

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Clear Golden Amazake

Multivitamin drink of the Edo period is making a comeback in 21th century


Amazake is a traditional Japanese sweet drink.

It is said to have been produced since the Nara period. It was very popular among common people in the Edo period, the Amazake seller peddled it as a nutritional supplement during summer to them who were prone to exhaustion or lost their appetite due to the intense heat.

There are two types of amazake, one type is made from rice koji, thin out with hot water, and the other type is made from sake lees, which is a byproduct after sake has been extracted, usually sugar is added. The former is koji amazake, and the other is sakekasu amazake in Japanese.

Koji amazake has a longer history than sakekasu one, it is made from steamed rice and koji mold, or Aspergillus oryzae, which is designated as a “national fungus”.


Koji mold is allowed to ferment until the starches in the rice are saccharified and converted into glucose. It changes the protein into the essential amino acids.

Furthermore, it generates vitamin b complex, such as vitamins B1, B2, B6 pantothenic acid and biotin that is indispensable to physiological action. It has high nutritional value of sustaining life.

Vitamin b complex has fatigue recovery action and promotes basal metabolism, biotin promotes metabolism of the skin cell, keep your skin smooth and beautiful.


It contains Kojic acid and Ferulic acid that is expected anti-aging effects.

Kojic acid has excellent whitening effects, inhibits saccharification that causes skin dullness.

Ferulic acid removes active oxygen that damages the cell, to result in preventing and improving wrinkle formation and stains.

In addition, these above nutrition is said to be the ideal food for intestinal flora, increasing the ability of the immune system. It is widely supported by the people who are keen on information about beauty as well as health promoting effects.

Koji Amazake, widened use from drink to seasoning


Amazake features a white, thick drink, and a distinctive aroma.

It attracts many people, on the contrary, it tends to be avoided due to soft rice grain texture like a rice gruel and thickness not suitable for summer.

The amazake that is finely squeezed to remove thickness and grainy texture is “Clear Golden Amazake”.

It keeps the enzymes live even after the squeezing process, all the nutrition of amazake in it.

It is a non-alcoholic beverage just made from rice and koji mold, or Aspergillus oryzae. That has naturally sweet flavor and refreshment aftertaste.

It is good for all ages, including children and pregnant women.


 Amazake on the rock, with soda, substitution for the syrup of tea or coffee is recommended.

This smooth, clear and golden drink goes well with other materials. You will encounter a new taste with tomato juice or maccha. Add a small amount to wine, sake, syochu, or brandy for the sweet tooth.


Since amazake becomes a totally liquid, you can use it as a seasoning.

It is highly recommended for a natural food lover to use it as a sweetener in place of sugar.

It is hard to be burnt because the no rice grains remained. The clear liquid doesn’t change the color of the ingredients.

Try fish or meat teriyaki and Tamagoyaki, or Japanese omelet with it, it brings out more flavors and the soft and moist texture.

Detailed information

Company name:


Rice (product of Japan), Rice koji

Net Weight:


Duration of quality retention:

12 months

Preservation method:

At a room temperature ,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Allergy notation:



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【Clear Golden Amazake】 Rice koji Amazake compressed into a fully liquid form with clear and golden color.

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