Handmade Miso Experiencing Center

The place for a better understanding of the potential of miso and the secrets of its flavor

Handmade Miso Experience Center by SLP

Handmade Miso Experiencing Center

Miso, the Japanese traditional power food

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Miso is one of the fundamental condiments of Washoku.

The ingredients are simple.
Soybeans, salt and koji mold, or Aspergillus oryzae, which is designated as a “national fungus”. Miso is a fermented and aged food. There are three types, depends on the ingredient the koji mold is cultured on, rice miso, barley miso, and soybean miso. Barley miso is eaten in Kyushu and a part of Shikoku mainly, and the bean miso in the Tokai district around Aichi, and rice miso in other areas.

The best season of making miso is winter from October to February for these three reasons as follows;

  • Low temperature makes the fermentation slow
  • Fresh rice and soybeans are available
  • Less bacteria are active in winter
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By fermenting the soybeans, their protein breaks down into the amino acids that are the basis of “umami” (a savory taste) and becomes easily digestible.

Amino acids and vitamins not normally found in soybeans are thus created, and the resulting food is highly nutritious. No other food can hope to equal the nutrition of miso. Research in recent years has shown the potential effects of fermented foods on the body, for example, fatigue recovery, preventing cancer, a heart attack or a stroke, and improving the enteral environment.

Each family has made their own miso in the old days. Since everyone takes pride in their homemade miso for a good flavor, the word “TEMAE MISO”(homemade miso) has a meaning of “Singing My Praises”.

The word “miso” is sometimes substituted for the phrase “That’s the point”.

As this shows, miso has been an irreplaceable food of Japanese daily life.

Handmade Miso Experiencing Center in Ina Factory

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Miso is produced the most in Nagano prefecture, which is located at the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan.

Hanamaruki foods Inc., the second largest miso company opened Handmade Miso Experience Center in Ina Factory in Nagano to celebrate the 100th year of the company located in a scenic location surrounded by the Central and Southern Japanese Alps mountains.

The two story building is a snowy white, a unique linear shape like origami work that is about to fly out to the mountains.

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It is a place where you can get hands-on experience of making miso.
You are shown to the theater room on the first floor at first. The staff uses a large projector to explain the basics of miso and how miso is made. You can learn about miso while sitting on spacious seats in the theater tiers.

After learning the basics of miso, escorted to the observation corridor for the tour of the adjacent Ina Factory, where they show a video about how miso is made and shipped from the factory.

You will be surprised with the wide range of production of the company!

Miso making process

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After learning the basics of miso, it is the time to make your miso.

Placed on each table are the materials and tools necessary for it. Under the instructions of a staff, you are assigned to a table and briefed on the materials and tools.Making miso while viewing magnificent South Alps lightly dusted with snow is an amazing experience.

It takes an hour by five steps,
1. mix koji and salt,
2. mash steamed soybeans,
3. mix these well,
4. add Tanemizu (Solution of water and natural yeast for fermenting miso) and kneading,
5. and place a weight. That is all!

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Steamed soybean is wet and sticky, koji and salt is dry and loose.

Mixing them together is a kind of interaction with food, furthermore, with the Mother Nature that raises it, thorough hands.

It might be a rare sensation for men of today.

Not a few people think the food is easy to get in the store, however, it requires such a labor and time originally. Making miso let you be back to the basics for living on.

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You are what you eat, not only your body, but also your heart. Making your food by yourself, is there any other simple way for discovering food?

Your miso will be fermented and aged under the control of the professionals at the Experience Center.

The flavor becomes slightly different from each other, although it is made with the same quantity of ingredients at the same time. What a fun and a mystery of the nature!

Three months later, it will be delivered directly to you.
It will be worth the wait!


Open Days :

Mondays, Wednesday, Friday, the second and the fourth Saturday (closed on public holidays)

Hours :

Start Time: 10:00 a.m. / 1:00 p.m.


 Two separate sessions a day,

 Length of Workshop: 90 minutes (including factory tour)

Area :

Fee :

Adult (ages 13 and older) 2,000 yen (including tax)

Other note :

Capacity: Up to 20 people (per session)

Deadline for Closing Applications: Seven business days prior to the day of the session

The miso (2kg) prepared by participants will be aged in a dedicated Fermentation Chamber and delivered to the owners (except oversea). The shipping fee is included in the Experience fee.

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