Kushiage 323

Just a few minutes from Akasaka-mitsuke metro station

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Kushiage 323 (MITSUMI)

Hold the skewer and just eat it, no chopsticks needed

Kushiage (shrimp)

One thing I would like to recommend to the people who think the Japanese cuisine is not their taste is trying KATSU or FURAI. KATSU is breaded and deep-fried meat, FURAI is those of seafood. It is not raw, nor fishy and deep-fried food is found almost everywhere in the world.


Furthermore, we have KUSHIAGE (or KUSHIKATSU) which is bite sized ingredients skewed with a bamboo skewer, breaded with smaller bread crumb compared to KATSU, also deep-fried. Hold the skewer and just eat it, no chopsticks needed. KUSHI means skewer and AGE means deep-fried.

Kushiage (around Osaka)

It is said to be offered in a casual food bar for blue collar workers in Osaka at first.

There are many stand-up-eating KUSHIAGE shops around Osaka, the number of the casual KUSHIAGE restaurant has been increasing nationwide for the last several years. You may find “fry on your own at table” or “all you can eat” style.


Anyway, it tends to be thought cheap and casual, but I had a new KUSHIAGE experience in the center of Tokyo.

KUSHIAGE and WASHOKU 323 (Mitsumi)

Very rare and fine shochu and a extra thin “USUHARI” glass

“KUSHIAGE and WASHOKU 323 (Mitsumi)” is in the small building, just a few minutes from Akasaka-mitsuke metro station.

The counter seats are surrounding the open kitchen, tables in the tatami room. It looks high-end Kappo style, non oily smell nor noise, just clean and quiet.Kappo means traditional and sophisticated Japanese cuisine, or the restaurant.


Very rare and fine shochu on the shelf, premium sake in the refrigerator.


My first surprise is that the young chef recommended me to drink barley shochu with sweetened tea!

As it is poured into the extra thin “USUHARI” glass that is like the outcome of Japanese manufacturing technique, the taste is stunning!


Otohshi, the appetizer, is also beautiful.

Alfonsino sashimi salad and vegetable potage. The traditional Japanese cuisine is updated to modern.


By the way, Otohshi (a small bowl that appears first) does not have to be charged.

Many surprised to Kushiage!

Kushiage (Egg of the quail)

The egg of the quail is the chef’s first recommendation of Kushiage.

He took the egg out of the refrigerator, started to boil. It is ready earlier than estimated. 


I think for an instant to keep the secret for you so that you can be surprised there, but I dare to say…


it is soft-boiled!

The egg white is hard, the egg yolk is hot enough but still raw, I feel it delicious bomb in the mouth… amazing! I’ve never eaten such a tasty egg of quail cooked in a perfectly calculated way.

Kushiage (Soft shell club)

Soft shell club is on the KUSHIAGE menu.

This is one of my favorite ingredients… I order every time I find it. It is popular with hot and spicy sauce on flitter or deep-fried without batter. That’s exciting to eat in KUSHIAGE style!


Well… I see some black thing beneath the bread crumb, what is that?

Wow, it is NORI, the seaweed leaver! The ethnic ingredients becomes totally Japanese food! He simmered it with soy sauce and SAKE, at first, then wrapped with NORI and deep-fried.

Very delicate seasoning makes the taste of crab outstanding.

Kushiage (Kue)

Another recommendation is KUE, Longtooth grouper, which is known as high-quality fish.


Taking advantage of deep frying, the smell and flavor are totally kept in the meat under the breaded batter, came out with heat in your mouth.

Kushiage (BENI-SHOGA)

BENI-SHOGA, a red pickled ginger, is a popular spice of casual Japanese food which is often chopped fine.


It is sliced there and skewered wavy. Beautiful presentation and crispy texture. It is really refreshing with the sourness of ginger and fresh sauce.


It’s another surprise that the deep fried food brings me such a cool sensation! It is really suitable for the last skew.

Kushiage (BENI-SHOGA)

Worcester sauce is born in England and imported into Japan, it has been developed into varieties of taste and thickness uniquely.


It is an important condiment for many casual Japanese food including KUSHIAGE, too. I would mention you a very important instruction of eating KUSHIAGE at last. 

As a sauce pot is usually shared among customers, dip it into a pot of sauce only before eating, putting it after a bite is considered non-hygienic. Using a slice of cabbage on your table and scoop up the sauce from the sharing pot and pour it is a good alternative.

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Open hour:

Lunch 11:30 to 13:30 / Dinner 18:00 to 23:00


Cash, Credit card

Menu List:

Japanese only / no photos

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Kushiage 323 (MITSUMI)

Light-tasting skewered Kushiage and seasonal tarditional Japanese food

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