Himono, or semi dried fish


An image of breakfast originating in the Japanese mind

An image of breakfast originating in the Japanese mind

It seems few Japanese have never eaten Himono, or semi dried fish.


It is popular for typical Japanese breakfast, also has a classic image as breakfast of Ryokan, or Japanese style inn, and Minshuku, or family operated Japanese-style bed and breakfasts.

It brings on a big presence in the traditional Japanese cuisine as well as rice and miso soup.


Excellent fish and the technique of artisan focusing on sun drying

Ito city which is located on the east coast of Izu peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture.
Shizuoka pref. is the top producer of the dried fish of the horse mackerel which is approximately 37% of the whole country. Numazu-city and Ito-city are significantly larger than others.


The scenery on the shoreline which the fish is being dried outside is the best part. From Atami to Aziro is specifically called "Himono Ginza", we sometimes use "Ginza" synonymous with major shopping districts. Although some shops use the machine for drying, Yamakuni Himono shop is particular about the traditional manufacturing method of sun drying from Meiji era because the machine drying fish is said to have raw-smelling, and water comes out from the final products.

It takes one to two hours for drying on the fine day in summer, it needs the exquisite prescription because the meat color changes when dried too much. It's also good in winter as the air is dry, but it needs more experience to read the sky whether the sun comes out or not.

Another secret to make delicious Himono is freshness of the fish.
It is laid in stock from the fishermen's cooperative in the morning, butterfly it manually, wash well, soak in salt and air it. This is a race against time, speedy work is very important.


Many visitors from abroad stop their foot to look at the sights which the many butterflied fishes are arranged orderly on a net for drying.

It is really nice experience to BBQ himono with meat and vegetables in front of the shop in the evening in summer, bite from a crunchy head is very delicious.


If you would like to take some himono back to your home, the owner will kindly advise how to preserve and cook it. It is carefully packed individually to keep the quality after you go back to your country.

I hope you to enjoy Japanese himono here in Japan and also in your country… grill and try it from the crunchy head!

Yamakuni Himono shop is on Facebook in Japanese

photo and report by Yuki

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