“The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God”

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Restaurant-style exhibition centered around washoku

Restaurant-style exhibition centered around washoku

This is a review about “The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God” which is a restaurant-style exhibition centered around washoku, or Japanese cuisine.

This exhibition might be in the vacant office building, you should move up dark stairways. It is produced by MOMENT FACTORY, an eminent digital art group that has been doing projection-mapping on architecture world-wide.

food_restaurant Zone1
food_restaurant 3rd floor

I've got captivated by fantastic view changing constantly at the first room on 2nd floor. Japanese concept of beauty is based on the ebb and flow of the four season, the each image projected on several big screen. Lights from paper lantern is also nice. Will you find the hidden character showing on the screen occasionally?

You will learn the traditional ingredients and tools which are essential for washoku on the 3rd floor. Bilingual description on the screen, so you don’t miss both image and explanation. The cooking method is also expressed with digital art.

As feeling hungry, stop at food court stand

As feeling hungry, stop at food court stand located on the 4th floor and enjoy washoku which is produced only for the exhibition. One piece of sushi pocket, or o-inari, is included in a ticket.

Deep-fried bean curd is boiled in broth made from a well balanced blend of dashi. The sushi rice inside is mixed with seasonal ingredients with texture and aroma accentuated with umami from dried shiitake mushrooms. This is an authentic, dashi-rich flavor o-inari and reminds me of the real taste. Besides it, you will have slowly fermented delicacies with variety of sake, miso soup or omlette upgraded with professional idea.


You will be surprised the sensitive but deep aroma and taste of dashi, then find the big difference from the quick chemical alternatives. Do not forget to try free sample of Katsuobushi ,or dried bonito, on the table!

The limited dish comes up for the end of the exhibition, too.
A special meal produced by Joel Robuchon will serve from 1st to 20th of May. 


One thing I am disappointed is after the mysterious experience. Visitors use the insipid outside stairways for exit, it automatically brought me down to earth…

But anyway, it can be a unique experience exploring washoku and Japanese culture surrounding it through the senses. The estimated viewing time is about one hour.


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