The Sleeping TOFU of Shiiba-son village in Miyazaki Pref.

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The sleeping TOFU of Shiiba-son village

Do you know the story of “La Belle au bois dormant”?


Do you know “La Belle au bois dormant”, which is ”The sleeping beauty” of Grimm's Fairy Tales? Yes, it is a story that a princess of the kingdom fell asleep by a curse of the witch and had been sleeping for 100 years.

In Japan, there is "The sleeping TOFU” not be made by the curse of the witch though but be matured for a long time by the power of fermented food. While tofu is sleeping for 4 months to half a year, the power of enzyme and microbe of kombu(sea tangle) and miso(bean paste) makes the tofu creamy and produces body like cheese. The texture becomes totally different from tofu.

Shiiba-son village where the unique food culture was developed


"The sleeping TOFU” is traditional food made in Shiiba-son village located at the prefectural border of Miyazaki and Kumamoto since long ago.


Shiiba-son village is surrounded by the mountains of 1000 to 1700m above sea level where the source of rivers run through.


The unique culture was born in this area, but due to inconvenient transport, the interaction of the people from another villages is not often, so they have their own food culture other than “The sleeping TOFU”.


In “The sleeping beauty”, the princess broke her sleep by a kiss of the prince, so how does “The sleeping Tofu” wake up?


It might be waiting for the day to meet you.

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cf. Shiiba-son village : Terraced rice fields of the legendary wizard

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