The legend of "JAPAN" : Hidehiranuri of the golden country

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The legend of Urushi -Japanese lacquer-:Hidehiranuri of the golden country “Hiraizumi”

The legend of Urushi -Japanese lacquer-:Hidehiranuri of the golden country “Hiraizumi”


Ichinoseki-city, Iwate pref.

The Hiraizumi culture which had built by Oshu Fujiwara clan in last years of era Heian had lasted for approximately several hundred years.

The background to support this culture was fertile land, swift horse, iron, and gold. Especially, Tohoku was the only area that had produced gold at that time in Japan, they boasted of absolute economic power by the gold. It is said that the image of “the golden country of Jipang”, which is mentioned in "The Travels of Marco Polo," was brought from Hiraizumi of this "golden culture".

In addition, as this Fujiwara period is said to be "the time of lacquerware", the acme of the lacquer art had developed here in Hiraizumi.


This is inherited as "Hidehiranuri", named it after Hidehira the third who was full of the top of prosperity of Hiraizumi, to the present day.

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Modern classic


The stately lacquerware full of the traditional beauty matches the present world by elaborating sensitivity.
The good things about lacquerware is light, solidness, waterproof and heat insulation. Also, the warm texture and flexibility that the tree has make us feeling at ease. That is the reason that lacquerware is still used as the bowl of miso soup and clear soup while ceramics is increasing to our daily use.

Speaking of lacquerware, it becomes prevalent on the table of celebrative occasions, but it suits to our daily life because it doesn’t change the appearance with washing in water and the unique character improves with use. Better yet, it is usable forever by giving another coat of lacquer.

Please feel free to ask about workshop tour and lacquering experience in advance.

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cf. "JAPAN" in Iwate pref.  Produced from Iwate Prefecture for product video

cf. Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi

【The legend of "JAPAN"】 The legend of Urushi -Japanese lacquer-:Hidehiranuri of the golden country “Hiraizumi”...

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