Winter tradition in Miyazaki pref.

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RADISH TOWER in Miyazaki

Seasonal tradition of Tano town in Miyazaki pref.


What do you think this photo is? This is a scenery of making the dried radish which Miyazaki pref. is proud of. We called this tower which is made by bamboo “YAGURA” . The tower reaches 150m at the longest and it takes one week just to assemble bamboos. You can see this radish tower of winter tradition in a certain area in Miyazaki city in the present season.


The radishes are harvested in a strong and dry winter wind, and it takes approximately two weeks to be dried. If you can round and tie the radish up, it means it is done. This delicate dried condition is made by the skill of the craftsman, it really needs painstaking cares and efforts.


Nowadays, they sometimes use a heater at the cold hour of night so that the radish is not freezing, but they used to make dried radish with less energy in old days since they don’t have heaters.


The finished dried radish with much care goes to the lactic fermentation by rice bran with the traditional manufacturing method slowly and carefully to make tastier.


Bringing out the mellow taste without using the seasoning liquid needs many skills of the pickle craftsman. From the skill to another skill, the love to product is well inherited to our dining table.

How long can I see this scenery? I hope another ten years…


But the people producing dried radishes say,

"How long can I see this scenery? I hope another ten years…”


It needs a lot of work just to build the tower as high as the second floor of the building, but more serious work is waiting for them after that. The harvested radish is washed well to take the soil off and tied the leaf up with a rope. They climb the tower carrying tied up radishes on their shoulder and hung them on the shelf precisely to make sure each radish is completely dried up. I was really surprised the producer of 95 years old still enter the tower without hesitating, and I also realize the successor issue exists on their background.


Making whole dried radish takes more time and earn less net income, so some producers shift to make shred radish (dried strips of radish) or changing to grow shallots which is sold for higher price than radish.


By the change of time and technology, we can dry radish with a gas dryer. It has moderate taste on easy-way-pickles just soaked in the liquid seasoning even if it is not made by lactic fermentation with rice bran slowly and carefully. Though they are delicious as such, the unique nutrients and taste of fermented food are never provided by this manufacturing method.

The thing WASHOKU CLIP wants everyone to know


It is a fact that the background of such times is going to change this scenery into one piece of the history from a winter tradition. It is not my intent to introduce you excellent things, high-quality gourmets or value as a rarity. It has four seasons in Japan, and there are the sceneries, seasonal ingredients and fragrances in every season. Besides, there are the skills and spirits of craftsmen and our thoughts never forgetting the feelings of gratitude to food and nature that we Japanese are proud of.


The thing WASHOKU CLIP wants everyone to know is that the traditional taste has its own story. We take an opportunity to offer you information about it, and I hope you to enrich your time in Japan by experiencing the traditional in five senses.


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