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Cold Cappellini Miso marinaded Tofu sauce with strawberry
Cold Cappellini ...Miso marinaded Tofu sauce with strawberry

WASHOKU CLIP is introduce you to a website of much valued Japanese food. If you come to Japan, you want to get much valued Japanese food for souvenir of you own or your significant other? Please check WASHOKU CLIP, at such times.

WASHOKU CLIP is a Japanese food life concierge for you. Definitely, you can make a new discovery about Japanese foods. It becomes a cherished memory for your Japanese travel.

You can search much valued Japanese foods only you and also the place where you can purchase much valued Japanese foods only available in Japan.


The thing WASHOKU CLIP wants everyone to know is that the traditional taste has its own story. We take an opportunity to offer you information about it, and I hope you to enrich your time in Japan by experiencing the traditional in five senses.




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It is good for all ages, including children and pregnant women

Japanese traditional sweet drink is the intravenous feeding to drink

abalone mushroom with wasabi similar to real abalone of aquatic shell fish

SUMERAGI Koji Candy is “Amazake”, made by the power of koji


is a traditional candy of Yamagata pref.

All the health conscious WASHOKU lovers who visit Japan take it back to home as daily condiments!

“Sugu Uma”

“Just open and add hot water !”

The best quality of bamboo shoot is called


The barley tea of caffeine-free,

gluten-free and low in calories

The unique system only Ramen Shop

in Wakayama

JIWAMON Dashi is the extra fine DASHI soup stock tasting at home

Natsume is

the natural beauty supplement for women


or fermented Sushi, the origin of Sushi

The pure rapeseed oil pressed from 100% domestic growth

Miso Tamari is gluten-free umami seasoning made with soybeans, rice, salt only

Fried Natto of Forza Inc. that is popular as the in-flight snacks for long years

KUROMARU which increased umami and sweetness by aging garlic by its own method

LIQUID SHIO KOJI is the fermented Umami seasoning (taste enhancer)


Shimehari Mochi is a glutinous rice of phantom variety rice

Miso, that is indispensable fermented seasonings to WASHOKU

Ise udon noodles

at Ise Jingu (Ise shrine)

WAGASHI which is developed with Japanese literary calendar

The limited time super food "Sansai”, which is said to have detoxification effects

Bento, or the Japanese boxed meal, which makes a memory more precious and colorful

It is a luxurious domestic sesame oil using 100% golden sesame seed

Shiiba-son village where the unique food culture was developed

The blessings of nature and traditional techniques are the basics of the black vinegar

Uiro is

a traditional Japanese steamed cake

KAIDANJI of North Sanriku

Wakame seaweed from North Sanriku

A symbol of the town which once flourished in the bonito fishing industry

The sparkling sake prized a gold medal and trophy of the Sake section of IWC2016

No chemical additives added twice-rice-bran-fermented Daikon radish pickles

Just sprinkle it to any meal, enjoy the natural complex Dashi soup stock flavor

GOROBE Soy sauce is the only soy sauce plant in Tokyo

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Clear Golden Amazake

Rice koji Amazake compressed into a fully liquid form with clear and golden color

Crystal_Clear_Amazake001 by SLP

Clear Golden Amazake

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The intravenous feeding to drink, with the enzymes helping digestion and increasing the ability of the immune system

Sweet Sake 01 by SLP


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Handmade Miso Experiencing Center

The place for a better understanding of the potential of miso and the secrets of its flavor

Handmade Miso Experience Center by SLP

Handmade Miso Experiencing Center

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Rice koji candy, that represents the traditional Japanese food culture

Sumeraginokojiame15 by SLP


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Thin Plum Jam Agar

The traditional candy of Yamagata

Noshi_Ume-03-2 by SLP

Thin Plum Jam Agar

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